PRC Ministry Health Check

Start 2019 off with a great plan for the new year!

Start the new year off right!
Bring Heart Share in for a 2019 Ministry Health Check!
Only a few spaces available this January!

The Heart Share team desires to provide affordable teaching and training to your team (staff, board, volunteers). We do that by offering your center a Ministry Health Check. We come to your center and give an analysis of the 10 things that can take your center to the next level. 

One of the great things that can happen when you allow an outside set of eyes to check out the health of your center is a brand new awareness of what can take your center to the next level. You gain a new perspective through our on-site analysis of how to overcome the challenges your center faces in 10 Key Areas. Additionally, you walk away with not just another “to-do” list, but strategic methods of how to move forward in each area. Finally, our team can walk alongside you over the following weeks or months to help you implement the suggestions that were made. The Ministry Health Check typically is a one and a half day in person consult with you and your team.

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